Marble bathroom

When we said we were doing any renovations and repairs, we weren’t kidding! We present a memorable work for us. Here we took care of the renovation of several areas of the same house.
One of our client’s rooms we took care of was the bathroom. Our team of specialists in the field of renovations and repairs, managed to make the changes in the bathroom, exactly as the client imagined. He opted to renovate both bathrooms. In the first phase, we removed the tiles and the old tiles, and we will replace it with the new materials.
In the hallway, the client wanted a mosaic integrated inside the tiles that he had already placed on the entire surface of the access area in the house. With great care, I cut the tiles in the necessary shape, then the mosaic was inserted.
The client also asked for our support in renovating the kitchen. In the kitchen we took care of placing the tiles on the entire surface in the area of ​​the appliances. The tiles placed in that area have both a decorative role and a protective role for the walls.
Work steps include measuring the surface intended for assembly and purchasing materials, preparing the substrate, preparing and applying the adhesive, mounting the tiles and finally applying the putty for the joints. Although the installation instructions are simple, the execution requires increased attention from the chosen team, which was done flawlessly by us.

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